Building Shareholder Value

Building Shareholder Value
Mastermind coaching programme

For established entrepreneurs...

Post-fundraise, your job is now to ensure that you accelerate your business growth and company value for both YOU as founder, AND for your investors.

This mastermind programme supports you on the full journey to build shareholder value, as you transition from  Founder to CEO. The programme is tailored to your needs,  and cover key ares including...
  • Investor Relations
  • Building and managing your Board
  • Managing and optimising performance
  • Scaling revenue and profitability
  • Building excellence in your team
  • Fundraising strategy
You will be personally mentored throughout the process, with non-exec level advisory support.

To apply for the programme, you're invited to complete a short application form.

Who is this programme for?

To qualify for the Building Shareholder Value programme you must:
  • Be a passionate and driven female entrepreneur that is dedicate to growing your business
  • Be generating £200k+ revenue per annum
  • Be profitable, or have already secured your first external equity funding round
  • Be looking to scale your revenue into the multi-millions over the next 3-5 years, building shareholder value x10
  • Be ready and committed to exec-level coaching for 12 months AT MINIMUM, and prepared to work hard to achieve your goals
  • Operate with total integrity, and be decisive, resourceful and coachable

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