Equity Fundraising Masterclass

Online Masterclass
Successful Equity Fundraising

In this masterclass, you'll discover...

  • How to raise £150k or way more in finance, WITHOUT having to give up control, OR give away too much of your business 
  • The absolutely WRONG strategy to follow when you’re pitching to investors...and the simple plan that secures you funding in just 90 days
  • Why you can’t trust the crowdfunding platforms to bring you all the investment you need – and why that’s good news!
  • Why 50% of fundraising campaigns FAIL, and the single thing you must get right to be 90% more likely to SUCCEED
  • PLUS…how to do all of this whilst creating great results for YOU, your investors, AND your customers


Presented by
Julia Elliott Brown

CEO of Enter The Arena

Julia's helped dozens of entrepreneurs raise funds for business growth, as well as successfully fundraising for her own business multiple times from angels, VCs and crowdfunding.

With 20+ years experience in business management, funding strategy and marketing, Julia's mission is to support women entrepreneurs on their journey of successful equity fundraising.

"I got SO MUCH out of this masterclass... made pages and pages of notes, and so many insightful takeaways. Really glad I took the time to do this!! And I love how knowledgable, honest and direct you are Julia, it's really refreshing" - Amanda

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