5 Steps to Secure £150K+ In Equity Finance For Your Business


Fast-track Coaching
Invest in your success

All the strategy, skills and support you need... from pre-funding, through raising your first external equity investment, and beyond... as you scale your business and build shareholder value for both YOU, and your investors.

Get ALL the strategy, skills and support you need to secure £150k+ in equity finance, through angel funding or crowdfunding, with this 90-day flagship programme. 

First, you'll develop outstanding pitch assets to ensure your offer's beyond compelling to investors. Then, rapidly you'll be reaching out and attracting the perfect investors for you, and closing the best outcome on your deal FAST. 


Get your business into the best shape it can be before you raise equity finance, so you feel completely confident that you have the best chance of a successful fundraise.

With this 30 day pre-funding programme, you'll discover EXACTLY how investors will perceive your business and have a CLEAR ACTION PLAN on steps you must take to strengthen your offer, so that they're biting their hands off to invest in you.

Post-fundraise, this mastermind programme ensures you accelerate business growth and company value for both YOU, AND for your investors, as you transition from Founder to CEO.

The programme empowers you to manage Investor Relations effectively, build excellence in your senior level team and Board, optimise business performance to scale, and navigate further funding rounds if required, with executive level advisory support, training and mentorship.

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