Successful Equity Fundraising

Successful Equity Fundraising
90 Days Fast-Track Coaching

Let's fund your business FAST!
With this mentoring programme, you will...

  • Get ALL the strategy, skills and support you need to secure £150k+ in equity finance, through a private angel round or via crowdfunding.
  • Understand EXACTLY what investors are looking for, and make sure YOUR offer to them is beyond compelling
  • Develop an OUTSTANDING pitch deck, crowdfunding video and financial forecasts to effectively communicate your offer to investors in the exact way they need to see it, so they're biting your hand off to back you
  • Discover the RIGHT WAY to reach out and attract the perfect investors for you with a multi-channel marketing campaign, so you don't waste your precious time speaking with the WRONG people and your campaign gets great momentum.
  • Be 100% confident on how to have investor conversations that CLOSE and know exactly how to get that commitment within a SINGLE conversation 
  • Secure the VERY BEST OUTCOME on your deal, so that you don't give away too much equity or control, or get into bed with the wrong investors
You will be personally supported throughout the process, with one-to-one coaching, review, feedback and expert advice at every step of the way, so that you can achieve a successful equity fundraise.

Our clients have an extremely high success rate. Places on the programme are limited, and there is usually a wait list

To apply, we invite you to first book a Fundraising Discovery Call, then complete a short application form. 

Book Your Fundraising Discovery Call
Who is this programme for?

To qualify for the Successful Equity Fundraising programme you must:
  • Be a passionate and driven female entrepreneur that is dedicate to growing your business
  • Be solving a real problem in the market, and making a genuine difference in your customer's lives
  • Already be proving traction in the market, with growing revenue from paying customers; being at 'idea' or 'launch' stage is not enough
  • Know that there is signifiant market potential for you to scale this into something much bigger
  • Feel comfortable taking on external investors, and know that you are planning to exit the business in the future
  • Be ready and committed to raising equity finance NOW, and prepared to work hard to achieve your goals
  • Operate with total integrity, and be decisive, resourceful and coachable

Some  extraordinary  client results

These are extraordinary women entrepreneurs – they took action, followed through, were very coachable, and got terrific results. We hide their names to protect their privacy. In no way, shape, or form, are we guaranteeing that you can do the same… but if you want to go for it, we’re here to help!
"Target smashed, £1m raised"

Lisa exceeded her £750k target to raise over £1m for her business through crowdfunding, thanks to the deep insight and support we provided. Within 6 months Lisa had sold her business making a return for herself and her investors, and is already thinking about her next venture.
"Pitch done!"

By following our proven process, Tersha developed a stellar investment offer and pitch deck to take out to a strong network of potential investors, enabling her to talk confidently about her brand and vision in a business sense, with nothing now standing in the way of her success.
"£60K raised in just 2 weeks" 

We helped Vanessa secure over £60k funding from her existing network all within weeks, and without leaving her desk! This is her first step to a bigger funding round. Already Vanessa has hired key team members and has the funds to spend on marketing her amazing business.

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