5 Steps to Secure £150K+ In Equity Finance For Your Business


Tue 13 February 2018, 8am-12pm

Smith & Williamson, 25 Moorgate, London EC2R 6AY

£50-65 (+VAT)

In this exclusive workshop, you'll discover...

  • How to raise finance without giving up control or giving away too much of your business
  • How to run your fundraising process effectively so it doesn't take forever, or suck up all of your time and energy
  • The secret to making your investor offer beyond compelling, so you have people biting their hands off to back you
  • Why 50% of crowdfunding campaigns fail, and the 3 things you need to do to be 90% more likely to succeed
  • How to pitch like a pro - how to create an outstanding pitch deck, financial forecasts and campaign video


Raising investment for growth is something many high-growth potential entrepreneurial businesses consider as they move out of the launch phase of their business and prepare to scale. But it can feel like a daunting challenge, particularly if you've never raised finance before.

When is the right time to raise finance? What are the options available to you? And how on earth do you go about managing your investment campaign to get the best outcome, whilst making sure you don't take your eye off running the business?

As a female entrepreneur, what are the challenges to be aware of when raising investment in a male-dominated venture finance world? How do you speak the language of investors, reach out to people who are most likely to back you, and make sure you get your deal over the line?

These are the big questions you may be asking yourself as you consider what your next steps will be.

This interactive and intimate workshop will provide high growth potential female-led entrepreneurial businesses with the answers to all these questions, and more...

  • Understanding of the investment eco-system; accelerators, corporate venture, angel investors, crowdfunding, VCs
  • The ingredients of a successful fundraising campaign
  • Tips and tricks to optimise your success
  • Expert feedback on your business investment potential
  • Access to specialist advice on strategy, finance, tax and marketing
  • Networking with other dynamic female entrepreneurs
Julia Elliott Brown will be leading the event to give a full 360 view of how to make your equity fundraising campaign a success.

Who is this event for?

This exclusive event has been developed for dynamic women entrepreneurs that are serious about taking their business to the next level, and is best suited for those companies that are looking for growth finance in the 3-12 months

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